Hello my loves!

I’m back with a new outfit post when I was still in the beautiful London. There’s a new trend alert, and that is all about the Corset. You need to have at least one in your wardrobe upcoming seasons! I spotted them already at Asos, Zara & Mango. You got them in different colors & styles. I really like this trend and so you definitely will see me again with another one. Also celebrities like Kim Kardashian is spotted with corsets many times. Tho these corsets are not as the corset of how you may think, to get a tiny waist. These are used as an accessory to your outfit and so they sit perfectly fine.

I paired them with this cool sweater that has those flower decorations on it and puff sleeves. Underneath I am wearing a high shine faux leather pants from Missguided. You also got them at H&M and Zara. The pants are really comfy what I didn’t thought before with such a material. My earrings are from the H&M and those forms, you see more often as well.

This was the second day I was in London and we went exploring London’s different places. So we had a little lunch at Angies little food shop, located in Chiswick. And we went to Harrods, where I got my dog peanut butter cookies from Mungo & Maud. Picture is on my Instagram. Such a nice brand for your dog or cat!



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