Hi everyone!

This will be the last London post, because it was my last day already. Miss it so much, I want to go back soon.. This day we only had the morning and afternoon, because in the evening we had to fly back to Holland unfortunately. The weather sucked a little bit when I was there, because the first 2 days it rained. However that didn’t make me stop from making pictures for you guys :).

I have to say that I could definitely live in London. Even though it was the first time I was there. I have been at so many metrostations underground and by some of them I immediately had to think of Harry Potter (my favorite movies) so that was funny and I loved it. Also the people are very kind and interested and I love so many neighborhoods & shops & food shops.. all reasons to go and live there haha.

The last day we went to play a tourist and we went to Buckingham Palace and again eating some at Notting Hill, Portobello road market. In front of Buckingham, there were so many tourists, but I definitely got the pictures I wanted. Only a few minutes away from the palace you ran into Hyde park. So beautiful and big. Really saw myself there jogging around the Park if I lived there… (dreams). This day I was wearing a gold velvet suit. Got it a while ago when it was in sale, struggling because it was sold out, then my size came back and I was so happy… The other place I shooted was in Hyde Park. Hope you enjoyed my London posts! See you soon Xx

Star top: Ony

Shoes: Vans

Suit: Zara


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