Hello loves!

I guess you see a big difference in this post. My hair is pink!!! I had seen it on so many celebrities dying their hair pink with the L’oreal Colorista, so OF COURSE I had to try it myself! I have used the wash out in the color pink, that saids that the color would slowly go away after washing your hair 4-5 times. Actually mine went away by the first time washing it. There was a little bit of pink left, but the second time washing it, it was all gone. That was a little sad, because I loved the pink, tho I wouldn’t want it everyday. They got so many cute colors, how ever this only works on light hair. You also have some for dark hair as well, but not such a nice colors in my opinion. I read on the description that people with dyed blonde hair, so not natural blonde of their own, are not recommended using it. Only on natural because it could go wrong, but I took the risk and it worked out very well. I think that in the future I am going to try the light blue one.

I found it funny to go all white in this post, so my hair would really come out. And it matches with my ballerina’s. I’m wearing this white volants pants from Zara, sweater with corset from Pull&Bear and my shoes are also from Zara. They are from a while ago when I got them in sale.

See u soon! XX



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